Born in Colombia South America, Sam E started playing guitar at 8 years old by learning from his older brother John and master guitarist (and cousin) Eduardo Cardona. "My parents were very influential in my development as a musician, we always had music in our house, my father would listen to classical music and tangos while my mother enjoyed listening to traditional colombian and spanish music. She was also a choir performer and played the accordion. Singalongs were a regular family activity especially during the holidays when we would gather and sing Christmas carols everyday. The first time I saw Eduardo perform, I was so impressed by the sound of the guitar and his ability to create such powerful rhythms and finger picking that I immediately decided that it was something that I wanted to do". Sam E learned a few classical pieces and some traditional spanish songs at first but soon an opportunity to fulfill his father's dream became a reality. "We were granted the opportunity to come to the United States and in a matter of 3 months my parents, my brother and I, four suitcases and my first guitar in a cloth bag boarded a jet to start a new life. It was unbelievable that almost overnight we were looking up in awe at the Empire State building in New York city". With his early influences established, Sam E quickly became interested in all of the new music that he heard. "The very first english song that I learned was American Pie. I can remember playing and singing bye, bye miss AP in my broken english and everybody loved listening to it and still to this day it's one of the most requested songs I get!"

Through his teenage years Sam E would be heavily influenced by rock music and developed much of his style from influences such as Jimmy Page, Alex Lifeson, David Gilmore and Joe Satriani. "Aside from my early lessons with Eduardo Cardona, I learned everything by ear. I developed a system to figure out songs pretty quickly. In fact, I would have most of the song structure: chords and melodies charted by playing along with a song just once. That's true for most of the straight up rock songs which are pretty easy, not the case always as it took me months to completely learn Hemispheres and 2112 from Rush".

Sam E has continued to perform with several cover and original rock bands and has evolved into writing his own compositions. Some of his work has been used for broadcast media including PBS. In the last few years Sam E has been a private guitar instructor, worked with guitarist David Gallegos and ASCAP songwriter Orlando Salinas. Today, Sam E is a premier guitarist in the Dallas area performing at upscale venues and private/corporate events. His ability to play many styles from flamenco, classical, jazz to progressive rock enable Sam E to entertain a wide variety of audiences and musical interests. "Dallas is full of incredibly talented musicians, I created my own avant-garde style from many years of influences and I'm always ready to learn from my fellow musician friends. I have been working hard to expand my song list because through music, I want to reach out to as many people as possible. For me, music is a mission of love. That's why I play so many different styles plus it gives me the opportunity to play all of my guitars: nylon string, steel acoustic, electric and synth. I also like playing a different show each time, that makes it fun for me and interesting for everyone else!"
Always evolving, Sam E is working on his own CD for release in 2017 and will continue to perform regularly throughout Dallas. Check his calendar for public performances and make sure you get out to see him this year!